Pregnancy loss is common. 

Miscarriages affect 1 in 4 pregnancies, and are most of the time unavoidable. Yet there is still a huge amount of shame and stigma that surrounds these losses and pregnancy in general. 

We are told to keep our pregnancies a secret until 12 weeks 'in case something goes wrong', another testament to the fact that loss happens more regularly than we hear of.

But what happens to those who lose a baby when no-one knew? Where is the support for those aching hearts? We would like to start these conversations the best way we know how, so we teamed up with Illustrator Alisha Huskin @scoobtoobins  to design a t-shirt to raise money and awareness about this tragic, but completely normal part of life. No-one should have to go through this alone or ashamed. 

£5 from the sale of every t-shirt will go directly to a charity or non-profit that helps those affected by pregnancy loss. 

We are currently fundraising for: Tommy's a UK based charity that fund research into the causes of pregnancy related complications, while also challenging the stigma surrounding baby loss.