When you start drop-shipping with us, the link we provide you with will take you to a page that looks a little something like this. Any items you have with us will be listed below for you to easily come and order for customers when necessary. But what is drop-shipping? And how can it benefit you?

When you're starting out a new business, the high cost of minimum orders for merch can really hold you back. You may also have a full time job, and the physical act of packaging orders and taking them to the post office may not fit your lifestyle. We take all of that pressure away to allow you to sell your designs from your own shop, while still taking a decent profit!

Sure, there are larger drop shipping companies out there that can integrate with your Shopify or online store, so why should you choose us? A few reasons: we are a registered community interest company, which means we have a 'people over profit' attitude as a business, and the all profits we raise are directly fed back into the community. We are asset locked which means we literally cannot take the money out of the business for ourselves. We're a relatively new organisation, but we hope over time to be able to set up our own grants and funding for small businesses to get get started. Your choosing us will be helping others. Because we're small, misprints will almost never slip through the cracks. We are a team of 2 perfectionist people pleasers, so your if your print isn't perfect the it will not leave the studio. We also only use blanks that are ethically sourced and our inks are vegan and cruelty free.

We're starting off pretty basic, and just making individual listings for everyone. We would like to get to a point where everyones listings are password protected, however we have yet to find an app that will allow us to do that that doesn't also steal all of our customers private information, so for now we keep the listings vague and anonymous looking. We would recommend that you simply bookmark the listing with something more memorable for you to make ordering a doddle. Check out any of the listings below to see what your listings would look like and more information on printing, pricing and t-shirts

If you would like to set up a drop shipping account with us, email us at

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