'Wild & Kind' is a women & those with marginalised gender identities focused Community Interest Company, registration no 571888. Our aim is to help start-up businesses and artists become self-sufficient, while collaborating with others to create ethical and empowering merch!
We have first-hand experience of the gender imbalance within the creative industry, but it was only as we began having conversations with other people we realized just how much this massive discrepancy was affecting not only us, but our peers as well. We have created a safe space for people to meet, share ideas and gain knowledge on how to start a career as an artist or maker. What started as a fun way to meet other like minded people has not only blossomed into a vital support network for people in Glasgow but has now become a viable business that can sustain itself and can also provide additional income for those in Glasgow and all over the world.
After running craft workshops for children a few years ago, we noticed a pattern of mothers saying how much they wished there was craft nights just for them. We also realized that there was something missing for us, and that was socializing without pubs and alcohol. It's rare to find events that don't include either of these factors, so in March 2016 we decided to throw a craft night in our flat. It was a huge success, we had 2 women turn up who have never met each other, or any of us, and we knew then that this was going to be a regular event.
We currently run free, craft evenings twice a month for people in the local area to meet, socialize and learn new skills and our weekly Kind Cuppa allows women to pop in for advice on how to get started in making and selling their art, or how to help push their business forward.
We also hire artists all over the world to fulfill illustration briefs for us to create and sell merchandise. They are paid upfront for their illustration, but also receive 10% of the profits of the sale of items they have collaborated on.

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